AFAHO - health services


AFAHO’S Health Programs are built on a unique peer support model that uses shared language, cultural expertise, advocacy, lived experiences and system navigation knowledge to help individuals and families overcome social determinants and improve their health outcomes.

Via Cultural Health Navigators who speak the languages and understand the culture of our target population of African and Caribbean immigrants and refugees, AFAHO aims to:

  • Increase Awareness About Health Issues Impacting the Community
  • Improve Knowledge About Risks and Prevention Strategies
  • Change Behavior
  • Ensure Access To Medical Care
  • Advocacy & Support

Our 2 Main Health Programs Include:

Sexual & Reproductive Health (SRH)

  • Maternal Child Health

  • Adolescent Sexual Health & Teen Pregnancy Prevention

  • STDs, HIV, Hepatitis B

  • Female Genital Cutting

  • Family Planning

Chronic Disease

  • Heart Disease – high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol etc

  • Cancer – breast, cervical, liver, prostate

  • Nutrition Education

AFAHO also provides cultural competency trainings to medical providers (including medical students) to assist in unraveling Implicit Bias and how it impacts their provision of care.