afaho - human services


Today, Southwest Philadelphia (where AFAHO is located) is known as “Little Africa” where 10,000 African immigrants and refugees represent 11% of its population. Fear, language difficulties, misinformation and a lack of guidance leave many of these refugees and immigrants on the fragile edges of society. There are specific cultural, socioeconomic, psychosocial, and religious needs that exist among the black immigrant and refugee populations that warrant the need for culturally congruent programs that address and bridge the gaps in lack of information and specialized care and create wider access to services and resources to foster inclusion.

AFAHO’s multi-lingual and bi-cultural case managers assist clients in mitigating the myriad of barriers they face in accessing critical health and social services which play a vital role in their successful integration, improved health, and ability to be self-sufficient. AFAHO utilizes personalized intensive case management to expand access to basic needs and social services to promote self-sufficiency for African and Caribbean immigrant and refugees (ACIRs) in Philadelphia. Other well-being programs including the sharing and celebrating of African and Caribbean culture and incorporating U.S history and culture builds social cohesion and integrates refugee, immigrants and host communities.

In addition to individual and family case management, AFAHO’s Human Service Programs also include:

  • Behavioral Health
  • Domestic Violence Awareness and Support
  • Emergency Food & Housing Assistance
  • Elders Programming