Southwest Philadelphia, home to our organization, the African Family Health Organization (AFAHO), is aptly termed “Little Africa.” This vibrant community is home to 10,000 African immigrants and refugees, accounting for 11% of the local population. These individuals, though, often find themselves grappling with fear, language difficulties, misinformation, and an absence of guidance. This leaves many of these immigrants and refugees precariously balanced on the edges of society.

The unique cultural, socioeconomic, psychosocial, and religious needs present among the black immigrant and refugee population necessitate culturally congruent programs. These programs must aim to address and bridge the gaps in information and specialized care and foster greater access to vital services and resources to encourage societal inclusion.

AFAHO’s Social Service Programs encompass the following:

  • Mental Health Programming
  • Domestic Violence Awareness and Support
    • DV Shelter called Nandi House, which is part of our Transitional Housing Program
  • Elders Programming
  • Civic Engagement